Spring News from the NCA

The new Committee is in full swing and we have set a new action plan for this year with each committee member taking on a lead role for each task. We have set 5 tasks in the same vain as we did last year so that we have focus and purpose. They are as follows:

  • Fundraising ideas – Identifying sponsorship opportunities.
  • Enhance Community engagement – looking at ways to bring the community together and make everyone around the community active in some way.
  • Improving safety around the estate (public areas) – Regular visits around the estate to ensure the safety of all in the community, identifying any concerns to the Developers and the Estate Management.
  • Nansledan Logo competition – Nansledan has no Logo identity so we have decided to design a logo which will become our letterhead and signature logo for all events. The children of Nansledan will design the logo, but the brief will be to keep it everything Nansledan.
  • Children’s community engagement – Looking at ways to engage the children of Nansledan to give them a focus and something to be proud of.


The Community answered the call for assistance for a photoshoot for Housing Britain Publication an ongoing project by the Princes Foundation where around 3000 publications of a Journal will be printed and distributed to Government officials, planners and MP’s. Nansledan will hopefully be mentioned as an example of harmonious town planning. As you can imagine we had a gathering of interested residents only too willing to help.

The Logo Competition is in full swing and we received applications from several Nansledan children. The images will be sent to the Duchy Team who will hopefully select the outright winner, with a possible mini award ceremony taking place around the time of the school opening in July.


Nansledan Christmas Party took place outside on a surprisingly dry, frost free winters day with over 40 children in attendance. The first of many Nansledan Christmas street parties with Father Christmas making a special appearance and every child receiving a gift. 

Our first Easter extravaganza will take place on the 20th April in partnership with The Little Cornish Pantry (TLCP). Loads of Easter themed events taking place on the day with competitions and an evening get together in the pantry for the adults leaving the kids to indulge in their Easter eggs. Supervised off course.


Following a very successful the Ladies nights held at TLCP, Community groups/clubs are forming across the estate. These include: 
Walking club
Cycling club
Book club
Supper club
Quiz nights
Knitting/crochet club
Veggie garden club
….to name just a few!

Quiz Night at the Little Cornish Pantry | Nansledan
Quiz Night at The Little Cornish Pantry

The clubs are open to everyone to join including the men. In time we will look to hold some children’s clubs but these take a bit more organising given the safeguarding issues that need to be in place

We will be posting more about the clubs and how to contact the organisers very soon. In the meantime if something interests you please email info@nansledancommunity.org and we will do our best to put you in touch with the organiser.

We also have the already established Nansledan Football team who meet every Thursday to train and play with a weekly update of their escapades on Facebook.

The Nansledan Boxing fitness club run at the Newquay Boxing Academy encouraging all-round fitness and of course our own in-house Surf School run by one of the residents who regularly takes Nansledan families and groups down to Watergate bay for 2-hour surf lessons.



We have recently made a grant application to the Local Council for funding for our Nansledan notice board and a Defibrillator which will be centrally located on the Estate for ease of access in an emergency. The application has received full support and we now await the final decision from Cornwall Council. 


On behalf of the Community we started a petition both on-line and hard copy looking to turn around a decision made by NHS England South-west Pharmaceuticals where they rejected an application from a local Newquay based Pharmacy to open a new Pharmacy in Nansledan. This received lots of local attention and even the local newspapers ran a front-page article outlining the concerns of our community. We received lots of positive support from Nansledan and surrounding communities and the local Councillors who backed the petition. We are waiting for the outcome of the Appeal and will keep you informed as soon as we know if it was a success or not.

As you can see the committee has already been very busy in the first three months of the new year with much more to come including our Annual Summer BBQ and Halloween events.

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