Garden Competition 2020

Gardens play a huge part in peoples lives, it brings them quiet time, relaxation and fun. Residents around Nansledan have been busy this year and we have seen many a garden transform in a sea of beauty and colour and this is not just the back gardens. The hard work that went into creating such splendour was rewarded when the NCA hosted a front garden competition.

The competition had 2 categories:

Category One – front gardens.|
Category Two – pots and planters. Folks without front gardens could take part and brighten up their doorsteps.

Every household with a garden or pots was entered into the competition. Residents were given two weeks’ notice to get the secateurs out and start sprucing up. Then, with the help of Maggie we took pictures of the end results. To ensure fairness all round it was decided to enrol the help of an outside judge. Newquay in Bloom took on the challenge, sifting through over 200 pictures. Big thanks to Barbara Hannan.

The criteria Barbara used in her judging was: visual impact; sustainability; insect friendly and longevity. The winners/runners up received a certificate and voucher to spend at Home Nansledan. Newquay Mayor Louis Gardner presented the residents with their prizes at a special tea and cake session at the Hub.

Massive congratulations to the winners. The result were as follows:
Category One
Winner: John and Sue Sutton
Runner-up :Clare and Marius Anderson
Category Two
Winner: Gaye Strudwick
Runner-up: Jayne Cook and Mark Davies

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