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Theresa Ferguson

CHAIR: Theresa Ferguson

I moved to Nansledan in July 2017. I am a retired Police officer serving 30 years within the British Transport Police. I retired at the rank of Chief Inspector having served in a variety of roles within the service including Neighbourhood Policing, CID, Training, Event planning and latterly as a Public Order Commander working alongside colleagues in the Metropolitan and the City of London Police, so have a sound background in management.

Outside of the police service I covered a variety of role including Chair of Maidstone Grammar School for Girls PFA. This is the school my daughters, Ciara (21) and Sinead (19) attended and I was keen to get involved in school activities to ensure I was up to date with the education process’s. I also was elected onto the schools Board of Governors.

I am very keen on fitness and do a lot of sports activities when time permits including, walking, swimming, cycling, skiing and kayaking.

As Chair of the Nansledan Community Association I am keen to ensure we grow into a vibrant active family of friends, neighbours and businesses. Over the coming months and years there will be so many exciting opportunities coming our way which I hope we can grasp and develop for the benefit of our community. I look forward to working with you all.

Richard Thomasson

VICE CHAIR: Richard Thomasson

We moved to Nansledan back in August 2018 and as a family we absoutley love the area and community atmosphere.

Since 2007, I have worked at Cornwall Airport Newquay employed as the Airport Operations Manager a role that focuses on delivering a safe, secure and customer friendly environment

I have vast experience and professional qualifactions covering project management and health and safety as well as chair a number of airport related meetings with both internal and external partners

Debbie Hayes

SECRETARY: Debbie Hayes

I served 21 yrs in the special Investigation Branch, Royal Military Police within the British Army and left as a Warrant Officer Class 1. Working through the ranks I have been part of the mess committee for many years in a variety of roles from property SNCO to Mess President.

I’m now retired and enjoying life as a full time mum.

Julia Dearing

Events Coordinator: Julia Dearing

Julia, I am married to Clive and we have two children. We recently moved from Hertfordshire looking for a better life and to be part of a community. We love living at Nansledan and look forward to become part of a thriving and happy community here in Newquay.

Jane Combes

TREASURER: Jane Combes

When we bought our barn at Gusti Veor, 32 years ago the concept of Nansledan was a straw in the wind and eventually I took part in the Enquiry by Design 18 years ago which was the first major step. Some people ask me whether we resent the new town on our doorstep as we have enjoyed tranquillity for many years. My view is that Newquay had to expand in order to make improvements to employment and choice of venues for leisure as well as business. So far, the project gives me endless interest, just love the machinery and watching the quarters develop brings contact with new people.

I came to Cornwall through my husband being posted to St. Mawgan in 1962, and we stayed on ever since. Have had several business ventures over the years, from one of the original steakhouses in town, to running clothes exchange, but now more or less retired as son has taken over running our electrical shop which stems from 1968.

I have always worked in our various ventures, waitressing, selling but mainly the book work which is why I volunteered to hold the fort as treasurer until a younger one steps forward! My interests are reading, knitting, gardening, cooking, and take advantage of the drama, ballet and opera offerings via satellite relay. My obsession sport was horse riding, born of childhood spent on Grandfather’s farm, so am active in trying to keep riding routes around Newquay, which also benefit cyclists and walkers.

Annalisa Mather

WEB MASTER: Annalisa Mather

I moved to Nansledan in September 2017. I lived in the mountains of Colorado for 21 years and returned to England to be close to my family in 2015.

During my time in Colorado I needed a website for my own therapy business and so learned website building and design at the local college. I find I am fascinated by all things design, media, and photography. Over the years I have built many websites, mainly for small businesses though I have been a part of several teams on larger sites.

My other interests include teaching Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing as well introducing people to a whole-food plant-based lifestyle through workshops and on-line.

 I think I am supposed to be retired but as I never really had a career as such just an ability to yes to the next thing that came along I have been a chef, therapist, ski instructor, award winning film maker, and personal growth workshop facilitator.

suzanne featherstone


I moved with my family to pastures new in Cornwall last January, relinquishing my trusteeship of a local tree-planting charity in Surrey and my job in conservation for Plant Heritage at Loseley Park.

However, I am already immersed in this wonderful sustainable community with my local Councillor role and a member of several of Nansledan’s clubs. Food security, the circular economy and climate resilience are my active interests, with both my children keen environmentalists too.

Former Investing in Nature Project Manager at WWF and Enterprise Manager for Canal and River Trust, I aim to accentuate the positive for our beautiful Cornish environment, so Nansledan is my dream location. I hope my experience in delivering multi-stakeholder landscape scale projects means an interest in neighbourhood planning is a natural fit for Build and Environment Officer for Nansledan


My family and I moved to Nansledan in August this year. I am the Methodist Minister for Newquay and I and the congregation here are excited about the spaces and support we can offer to the community through our ‘Hub’ in one of the commercial units and our new build church which we hope to build this coming year.

I would like to make sure that everything we do as a church is totally integrated into the community, not duplicating effort or missing the point, but really meets the needs of the people here. It seems like being a member of the committee would be a great way to do that.

Also, as a resident here I love the sense of community that is growing in Nansledan. My husband and I used to have pubs and have been self employed in various ways which makes me someone who is used to getting things done and organising social events! I love dogs (we have two who have regularly appeared on Anna’s posts about the Nansledan pups!) and music – Heavy Metal is my music of choice but there doesn’t seem much call for it in the Methodist Church!

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