We want to bring all residents and businesses based on the Nansledan Estate up to date with what the NCA and the Covid 19 Volunteer Group are doing. There is a frequently asked question section below to answer, where possible, the questions raised by yourselves and information we have received from other Departments including Government Advice. This list will be added to as and when issues are raised. Please use this page as a first port of call to see if it answers your question. If not, send us your question and we will do our best to answer it.

As you are aware from various sources and from the notice that was delivered through every occupied house, Nansledan has set up a local support group which will do our very best to support those in need. This includes those who are self isolating, classed as vulnerable, and who have little or no support mechanisms in place to help in their hour of need. Many of you will have family who can assist, but we are conscious that some of our residents do have that luxury.

The support team has been split into three teams, with each team having a team leader (see details below) who is able to monitor and task their group as and when the calls come in. We will also be setting up a daily contact with each of those identified in the “at risk” category so that we are happy they have the necessary support on a day to day basis.

At this difficult time we realise that a simple phone call can make all the difference to people who may be lonely, feeling isolated and anxious. Again we will do what we can to help.

This website will also post local and national support groups available and we will more than likely point you to those groups when we are not qualified to manage a given situation.

We are asking for everyone’s support, please be mindful that we are volunteers and there may be times we cannot help you but will do our best to get you in contact with those who can help.

NCA Covid 19 overall co-ordinator : Theresa Fergason Contact no:

1. Wainhomes: Debbie Hayes 0793 4231869
2. Moorish: Suzanne Featherstone 07895 944352
3. C J Fry: Angela Dibble 07545 512608

Clare Anderson 07432 349375
Tess Lowe 07843 439102


1. Follow the NHS guidelines on how to avoid catching Corona Virus Covid 19. NHS webpage. Please ensure that you follow the guidelines at all times. When out and about try your best not to handle things. However it is understandable that you will not be able to do this all the time. So if you have to touch things which can harbour germs then please wash your hands ASAP afterwards.


a. SAFE DISTANCE: Keep 2 metres away from others when exercising.

b. DOGS: Keep dogs on leads at all times and discourage people from petting your dogs – dogs don’t get Coronavirus as far as we know but they are a ‘surface’ and therefore should be treated the same as any other surface.

c. THE SANG: Wash your hands before going to the SANG and on returning again all gate entrances are surfaces which can harbour germs for a period of time. The same goes when touching the bins around the estate and SANG.

d. DOG POO: A gentle reminder to clear up any dog poo. Keeping the risk of any person/child picking up tummy bugs from touching. Especially when our NHS is already under severe pressure.

3. PARKING AROUND NANSLEDAN:. We ask all residents to utilise your allocated parking spaces, especially in the current climate. All roads need to be fully accessible for emergency services. Which means no cars are to be parked near to corners or in any position which may cause an obstruction. If we all park in our allocated spaces, round the back of our houses in the courtyards, this will ensure there is room. Your support is appreciated during this difficult time.

4. BINS: All residents MUST keep their refuse and recycling bins inside their property boundaries when they are not being put out for refuse collection. There are a number of reasons for this. But mainly to help reduce the risk of contamination.

Bins must be kept inside your boundaries and NOT in the front of your house. As soon as the rubbish has been collected put your bins back inside your boundary or garage as soon as possible.

Guidance from the Council regarding waste, especially from households where there is a risk of those being infected, is that all waste should be double bagged and separated for approx 72 hours before being left for collection.

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