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Nansledan Community Association – Duchy Meeting – 02.07.2018

Attendees Present
Jane Combes, Treasurer (JC)
Annalisa Mather, Webmaster (AM)
Kaya Leadsford, Secretary (KL)

Peter James – Nansledan Project Manager, Duchy of Cornwall
Tracy Nicholas – Duchy of Cornwall
Ben Dobson – Senior Property Manager, Blenheims
Helen Cartwright, Blenheims (Kaya – apologies, is this the correct name – I have taken this from previous correspondence, please advise if incorrect)

Objective – General update from the Duchy, with a focus on Outdoor space following ongoing discussions and general comments from residents.


Dog poo bins are to be provided within the next three weeks (!). They are going to be double purpose bins for litter as well as for dog poo bags.

The parking issue with Contractors vehicles had been addressed with developers. A separate parking area is going to be provided, so there should be no deed for contractors to park on site unless a specific need.

The Duchy is planning to improve green space particularly in first phase Wainhomes (looks bleak), but are planning all areas to be greener over time.

We requested that newly planted trees were wilting and needed more frequent watering by the management company.
Following feedback from residents, a temporary play area for the kids to play and kick a foot ball around will be provided on the green space adjacent to the Wainhomes development / opposite the Fry Show homes. An area will be mown and leveled off for resident use. It looks like this has happened initially but subsequently some concerns about suitability have been raised by residents. To be discussed further at next meeting.

Work will begin in October for a permanent play space which should be usable by next spring. The initial plans are for a younger children’s play area alongside the lane in the Kosti Veur area. The Duchy are looking at using local suppliers to get equipment in place, such as Outdoor Play People.

A play area for older children is planned to be developed nearer to the School, estimated timescale, late next year.
Plans for the wildlife corridor that is to be developed alongside the Chapel Stream are in place. The Duchy are also planning leisure and walking area alongside, with wide paths for cycling and walking / running, or even areas for parkour! Their plans are that there will be views from the paths towards the surrounding fields and the ‘wetland / marshy’ area which will be developed to actively encourage wildlife. Again, estimated timescale is late next year.

The Duchy is keen to get additional feedback from residents about leisure and green space. Interestingly, the Duchy ran a consultation with Poundbury residents in 2017 for the Great Field project – will they replicate for Nansledan? NCA to follow up in next Duchy meeting.

The Duchy have to provide 150 acres of SANG or ‘Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space’. I have managed to locate some further information from Natural England relating to this:

Defining a SANG:
Natural England, the UK government public body responsible for caring for England’s natural environment, defines a SANG in a twofold manner (vi).
Firstly it must be “accessible greenspace” “places that are available for the general public to use free of charge and without time restrictions (although some sites maybe closed to the public overnight and there may be fees for parking a vehicle). The places are available to all, meaning that every reasonable effort is made to comply with the requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA 1995).” and…“An accessible place will also be known to the target users, including potential users who live within the site catchment area.”

Secondly it must be“natural greenspace” “Places where human control and activities are not intensive so that a feeling of naturalness is allowed to predominate”

Learn nore details about SANGs can be found here.

The Duchy stated that there are currently only 4 or 5 in UK. The area to be dedicated for SANG is the area alongside Trewollack Farm and down along towards Rialton Barton which is currently meadow land / wet land. At end of September, the Duchy gets the land back from the farmer (once potatoes are up)! The SANG will then start to take shape, and as above will be accessible to the general public.

Following feedback from residents about excessive and overly bright street lighting, we were informed the Duchy have to put in the correct number required to meet a compliance, however they are happy to put in as few as possible.

Once the roads get adopted by council, they council will manage the lighting, and have to provide lighting to a minimum requirement of lumens. However shields can be added where street lighting negatively impacts residents e.g. where a light is directly outside a window.

Equally, if residents feel additional lighting is required in areas which will not be adopted by the council e.g. courtyards, then we can raise with Blenheims.

Jane has subsequently contacted councillor Jeff Brown to see whether the county council will accept more discreet lighting for those very short pieces of road between the houses, but has not had feedback as yet.

Trees and and lay-bys alongside William Hosking Road are still planned to happen – date TBC.

With regards to the narrow path alongside Quintrell Road (which gets very over grown), Cornwall Council have ownership of this path and not the Duchy, but eventually, where the wider footway runs alongside the Nansledan development, this will be continued and it will look to be consistent with what has been put in place so far.

Skol Nansledan is on track – the foundations in place, steel structure in place by end summer. Updates will be shared via the below channels: –

Nansledan School
Nansledan School – Facebook

However, the NCA could potentially get additional updates from Midas. To be discussed at next NCA meeting.


The money has been committed from council so will start to move forward. The Duchy confirmed the haul road, which allows developers to start construction for other areas and to move spoil etc in advance of Newquay Strategic Route construction, is estimated to be in place by May 2019.

The NSR is estimated to be well underway by 2020, but please note the word estimated.

Once the NSR is in place, it is likely to help secure retail space where currently empty.

Supermarket size that will be put in space will be a maximum 10k square foot (despite planning for 15k square foot), in order to prevent this becoming a main destination for the Newquay town population. To put in perspective, 10k square feet is the size of an average Aldi store. Waitrose Truro is 21k square feet. It is not looking likely it will be a Waitrose.


The Duchy have offered to pay initial subscription fees for all potential members for the first year. Membership details to be discussed further at next NCA meeting.

Brendon Leech, the site manager for C.G Fry – has won a Seal of Excellence award, as awarded to him by the NHBC.

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